Christmas with the Daleks

I recently read a beautiful piece in—of all places—Harvard Business Review. The author shares his personal story about how difficult it can be to stay true to yourself in life, and in business. Somewhere between leveraging our best practices, [insert your favorite cliché here], and doing more with less, we forget to be human.

I’ve said before that being human is the best path to success in social media. Books like Unmarketing and Rework make me think that soon, being human will be the path to business success too. I’m ready. Instead of listing degrees and years of experience, here’s the kind of bio I’d like to see more of.

I am a nerd. Since I joined the braces-wearing, marching-band-enthusiast, overachieving-student club, I’ve been a nerd. I’ve worn hipster glasses since 7th grade, and though I won’t say exactly how long ago that was, it was before glasses were cool. I own all seven Harry Potter books. And a Gryffindor scarf. I’m secretly thrilled they made The Hobbit into three epic films. I own not one, but two Dalek figurines (it’s a good way to identify fellow nerds). I’d rather read a book than go to a party. I read about infectious diseases for fun. (Spillover is scarier than any murder mystery I’ve ever read.) I own four pairs of orange shoes. I ran a marathon, just to see if I could, and then did a Half Ironman. (Related: I now understand the difference between could and should.) I hope we’ll have snow at Christmas, and peace on Earth.

I’m a real person. I’m good at what I do because I think. I stop to ask why, and what if, and what happens next. Assign me a research project; you won’t see me for a few days, but I’ll let you know when I’ve found patterns in the data, and brainstormed ways we can use it to achieve a goal or solve a problem. When writing, I put myself in the reader’s shoes. I’ve made some mistakes, but never the same one twice. I’ve learned management lessons the hard way, but still have faith in my team members, and do everything in my power to help them succeed. I won’t tell you something’s a good idea unless I really believe it. If you give me a chance, you won’t regret it.

p.s. Thank you to the ladies of SC (you know who you are) for being kind and supportive, and helping me learn that being a nice person and succeeding in business don’t have to be mutually exclusive. I wish you all a magical holiday season.