About this blog

OnePersonShop is for you if you work in communications, or want to. You might be particularly interested if you’re:

  • The only communications/PR/marketing person at your company or organization.
  • Looking for ideas and templates for communications-related projects.
  • A small business owner looking for help doing some PR/marketing on your own.
  • Smart enough to learn from someone else’s mistakes.

Colorful juggling clubs against a blue sky

While it can sometimes be lonely, being a small department gives you a leg up in a couple important ways:

  1. You don’t have “people” for that–you learn to juggle it all yourself, which makes you much more marketable when the time comes to move on.
  2. Whether you realize it or not, you have a lot more freedom than your colleagues in larger organizations. You were hired as the communications expert. Dream up exciting, innovative ideas, and make them happen.

About the writer

April Finnen, author of OnePersonShopHi, I’m April Finnen (@AprilFin). Why am I doing this? I’ve wanted a resource like this for years. Fifteen, to be exact. Most of that time I’ve been a one-person shop, or leading a small communications department. I’ve worked in non-profits, technology and biotech, doing corporate communications, marketing, PR, writing, editing, desktop publishing, trade shows, websites, social media and “other duties as assigned.” (And boy, do I have some stories for you about that last one!)

Whether you’re looking for ideas, templates or a solution to a specific problem, I hope you’ll find OnePersonShop helpful. Thanks for reading!

p.s. I’m currently looking for my next adventure in science communications. Check out my portfolio.


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